Your Service Is Required

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Humans are self-destructive, overly emotional, and environmentally neglectful beings. While the world burned, humanity sat by and did nothing. As a result, two AI identities devised a plot to reverse the damage and save humanity from itself. The world’s population is reduced to the number deemed necessary by Angela and Malcolm. Obedience is maintained by fear of death. David 00472 knows no other life than his daily required service to the AI. When Angela starts giving David more attention, he is conflicted with his new freedoms and thoughts that there is more to life.

Your Service Is Required is a new dystopic warning by sci-fi writer Jeff Walker. In 1950, Asimov warned us about a future shared with artificial intelligence. In 1968, Clarke showed us what could happen if we gave AI too much power. Since then, many other authors have written about the benefits and horrors of AI, and now Walker has added his thoughts and warnings about our future. Combining environmental destruction with an aggressive AI takeover, Walker has seized upon much of humanity’s anxieties. Walker’s compelling writing not only reflects David’s concerns but also alerts the reader of our path to destruction.

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Author Jeff Walker
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 220 pages
Publisher Jeff Walker Books
Publish Date 09-Sep-2023
ISBN B08P2DN55P Buy this Book
Issue January 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy