Your Best Life: Tactics, Tools and Insights to Create a Life of Fulfillment, Joy and Abundance

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Your Best Life is about finding ways to help you reach your goals, dreams, and hidden potential. And unlike other self-help books, this one provides a multitude of tactics and strategies that anyone can implement and follow. They might not be a quick fix, but they are likely to help you improve your life by addressing issues that may be holding you back, such as negative self-talk, procrastination, or simply not thinking with your heart rather than your head.

What struck me most about this book was the author’s personal and heartfelt writing style. He seems to know exactly what his readers will think as they turn the pages. I appreciate that he also has a passion for helping others and a determination to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. That alone makes this a fun and entertaining book and helps make a serious subject more accessible.

I loved that he included so many references to significant authors and their works, allowing readers to delve further into the topics he covers. The chapter about procrastination was very beneficial. I struggle with this, but knowing how our brain functions and how we can tune into our dopamine to help get things done was useful. Frankly, after reading this book, I definitely feel that I could approach life differently.

And as the author suggests, there is no easy fix. The tactics and strategies within may require some work. But that might be what makes this book most helpful. If one method doesn’t work, you can move on to another until you find one or more that works for you. The simple trick of turning a negative into a positive by thinking of all the things you have to be grateful for can improve your day. I’ve been trying to do this on both a big and small scale since reading this book, and it has affected my mood and outlook.

Finding a good self-help book is a great way to end one year and start another. This one has given me the tools and encouragement to approach things from a new perspective and hopefully gain a new outlook on life that leads to more joy and contentment in the future. I plan to revisit some of the chapters in this book in order to implement the many tactics the author suggests. I have a feeling many others will be doing the same after reading this one.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher X-Up Press
Publish Date 14-Mar-2023
ISBN 9798985804300 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Self-Help