You and Me against the World: The Creepers Saga Book 1 (Volume 1)

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The ER is overflowing with sick people. At first, Dr. Russell Thorn just thinks it happens to be an abnormally bad flu epidemic. But when one of the infected begins vomiting black bile and attacks an orderly, Thorn knows it’s time to call the CDC. When government officials miss the small window available for quarantine and instead send fighter jets with bombs to eradicate entire affected areas, Thorn and a nurse named Susan get out just in time. They meet up with a plucky group of kids in their early twenties, hell bent on survival.

You and Me Against the World is part one of a planned trilogy exploring how a group of strangers comes together to fight for their lives and to protect a very precious package – a group of children who are literally humanity’s only hope for the future. The group of survivors set out to find the last safe place left on earth. Along the journey, each person must decide for themselves what is ultimately worth living and dying for as they struggle day to day to find hope in such dire circumstances. Fans of the horror genre will not be disappointed by the philosophical questions Esposito mixes in with the blood and gore. These are questions we all must ask ourselves, whether or not we are being chased by zombies. Esposito’s chapter on how the virus was created and spread is a fascinating and terrifying reminder that there is always the potential for the creation of a super-virus, if the perfect conditions are met. Esposito expertly mixes descriptive scenes illustrating the post-infection devastation, flashbacks that reveal intriguing details and dialogue between characters that moves the story along quickly.

Rather than featuring just a few main characters, Esposito introduces the reader to a handful of characters, all of whom have well-developed backstories and strong personalities. And when you are dealing with a horror novel, it’s always good to have a few extra people you can kill off along the way! Esposito nicely balances chapters featuring battles between the living and the dead with sections focusing on human relationships and themes like loyalty, love, and loss. In Esposito’s apocalyptic scenario, it’s the young people who have the best shot at survival due to their prior knowledge of how apocalypses work; when the real world becomes more like a video game, just pick up your gun, go into first person shooter mode, and kill some zombies. Luckily for Dr. Thorn and Susan, the group they’ve joined up with is made of young fighters.

To find out what happens to Thorn and the group, pick up You and Me Against the World and then look for All Our Foolish Schemes, the upcoming second book in The Creepers Saga.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 321 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 07-Jan-2013
ISBN 9781481055833 Buy this Book
Issue June 2013
Category Horror


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