Writing as a Path to Awakening: A Year to Becoming an Excellent Writer and Living an Awakened Life

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DeSilver’s Writing as a Path to Awakening elicits a beautiful dialogue with the soul. Writing can help you find who you truly are. Combined with techniques of mindfulness and meditation, it can be a powerful catalyst. This book will teach you how to combine those things to spark your own internal growth and transformation.

The book is divided by month, though it is more important to follow one chapter after another than it is to match to the literal month. Each builds upon the previous chapters. The choice of month as chapter title follows the magickal dormancy of winter, through spring’s burgeoning, summer’s bounty, and fall’s reflection back to winter’s slumber to process the lessons learned. The chapters have meditation tasks and writing tasks to put the lessons to practical use.

I was slow reading this book because, of course, I had to do the tasks. Many were familiar to me, in terms of meditation. The writing tasks were helpful in getting me to let go of some of the resistance I’ve been feeling in my own writing life.

April is my birth month, and this was one of my favorite chapters. “April’s Blossoming” dealt with poetry. I have a much greater appreciation for the power of poetry in my greater age than I did in college. I ended up adding several more poetry books to my Kindle thanks to this chapter! I loved the poem DeSilver shared by nine-year-old Caroline Calhoun. The creative power of children is never to be underestimated and always to be learned from. “May’s Imagination” builds on April’s tasks, and several of the May tasks were quite similar to those I would give my own students, when I still taught. “June’s Amusement” recalled me to the lessons for my Patron, Loki. Oft reviled as a deity of lies and deceit, one of Loki’s earliest, and most appropriate, epitaphs is “Lord of Laughter,” and His lessons include how to laugh with life and find amusement no matter the circumstances, for laughter is healing. “July’s Audacity” is another Loki-oriented month!

These spring and summer chapters were my favorites, but each of them have pertinent and useful lessons. A healthy and full writing path is by default a spirit-laden one. Any true spiritual path exudes creativity, for it is our birthright as humans. Sometimes we just need a jump-start to jog us out of our stupor. Writing as a Path to Awakening offers just such a jolt.

A definite must for any writingcraft collection!

Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Sounds True
Publish Date 2017-Sep-01
ISBN 9781622039111
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Issue December 2017
Category Self-Help


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