Words We Cannot Say

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Words We Cannot Say tells the story of three women, Penelope, Lotus, and Nia who find themselves navigating lives that have thrown them some difficult choices.

Penelope is a Labor and Delivery nurse who finds herself in a “relationship” with a married man. After finding herself in a personal predicament, she must make a difficult choice as to what she wants to do. Lotus is Penelope’s cousin and is very free-spirited. She is married to a man named Rob and they have a three-year-old son named Blaze. Lotus is pregnant with their second child, however, her relationship with Rob seems to be very strained and Lotus must figure out what it is that she wants out of life and what will make her happy. Lotus and Rob are in a polyamorous relationship which complicates things more as Rob invites his ex-boyfriend Jagannath to stay with his family. Nia is Penelope’s best friend. She was a model at the height of her career but was then swept up off her feet by Edward, a doctor who works with Penelope. Nia and Edward want to grow their family by having a child.

This book is wonderfully written and shares the bond and the private conversations these three women have with each other. I think the most complicated situation is the one Lotus is going through. Lotus seems to be doing all of the work in her relationship with Rob while taking care of the household and their child. She also manages and owns a yoga supply store, the Lotus Garden. I felt that with the support of Penelope and Nia, Lotus is really able to make some wise decisions without feeling like her whole world is falling apart. Although Nia and Lotus are drawn together through their mutual love for and friendship with Penelope, they are very different characters. I really appreciated how they were able to set their differences apart and help one another. If only all women, or rather humans, could do that, this world would be a lot less selfish of a place.

The author ties together the themes of love, loss, addiction, and friendship beautifully. Readers will find themselves staring out and imagining what it is like to walk in each of these women’s shoes, making decisions that will alter their lives forever. There are parts that are happy which will make readers laugh, parts that are sad which will make the heart sink, and parts that are triumphant which will make readers cheer. Words We Cannot Say is a must-read for women of all ages. Uplifting and powerful.

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Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 280 pages
Publisher Red Adept Publishing
Publish Date 19-Apr-2022
ISBN 9781948051866
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Issue May 2022
Category Popular Fiction