Wild Horses

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Set in the backdrops of a small California countryside, Claire McEwen creates a light and second chance romance that can’t be tamed. In this beautiful and heart tugging tale of two former lovers reuniting, Ms. McEwen saddles up her readers as we are thrown in a whirlwind romance that weaves forgiveness, new beginnings, love, and the incorporation of horses, hence the title: Wild Horses.

Nora Hoffman and her younger brother, Wade had to live with the stigma of being a Hoffman. Her family is synonymous with TROUBLE. Her father and her other brothers had to flee to Mexico after swindling and robbing folks of their hard earned cash and then Nora’s mother ran off to marry someone else. So Nora, didn’t have the best life growing up as she made sacrifices for her and Wade so they wouldn’t be associated with their family troubles. Nora worked hard to provide everything for her and her brother. But little does Nora know that sometimes you can’t escape the past–especially if comes stampeding your way.

Todd Williams is a man on a mission: to rescue and conserve the wild horses and set them free. This wild stallion of a man is not someone who can be easily tamed–that is, until he reunites with his ex-girlfriend, Nora Hoffman. When Nora catches Todd setting horses free, she is conflicted about what to do since her job lies in the balance. As Nora continues to spend time with Todd, she begins to see his point of view on why these horses need to be set free in the wild, but at the same time tries to reason with him about his methods. Like the wild horses that needs to be set free, Claire McEwen sets forth a romance that will stampede right into your hearts as it grips you with its raw, emotional undertones of letting love in. I don’t read many Western Romances but I found Wild Horses to be quite entertaining as Claire McEwen saddled up her readers for one charming and wholesome love story.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Harlequin
Publish Date 08-Mar-2016
ISBN 978037360950
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Issue March 2016
Category Romance


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