Why there must be a God and why it matters – the simplest, objection-proof argument

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There are many questions that lead the answerer right back in a circular pattern to the beginning of the question. One such question is “Which came first… the chicken or the egg?” Another is the one posed by scientists, philosophers, and theologians since time began: “How did the universe come into existence when “something” cannot originate from “nothing?”

In the book, Why There Must Be A God, and Why It Matters, author A.K. Bradshow tackles the age-old question with a type of logic that is laced with metaphysical and spiritual reasoning. To support the argument that there must be a God, Bradshaw lists seven objections to the idea of there being a “something” that is, in effect, God. There are those who believe that there is an unseen, unknowable, unscientifically provable, yet intellectually superior, being that created the heavens and the earth and all living things within it. There are others who believe that the universe, and all that is within it, occurred by happenstance. There are those who believe that it is safer to err on the side of caution and choose to believe in God “just in case.” Others choose not to believe and who presume it is absurd to even care about the issue one way or another. So many possibilities, so little time. However, with each good-faith effort at persuasion regarding each of the seven objections to a “god,” Bradshaw makes a valiant and persuasive argument in favor of a “something,” whom some might refer to as “God.”

In support of his argument, he quotes many scientific thinkers, and utilizes examples to illustrate his line of reasoning. He notes the scientific inability to prove or disprove feelings, to quantify the sense of “taste,” or to disprove the health benefits for those who meditate or “connect” through prayer. Ultimately, those who do not believe in God may not agree with Bradshaw’s hypotheses, but the logic and reasoning offered in the book is certainly tasty food for thought.

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