Whitehall (Season 1 Episode 12): “More Harmony in Her Bright Eye”

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The one thing that isn’t a surprise in this episode is that it’s raining. In other news, Queen Catherine is feeling stronger by the day as her health continues to improve. The loss of the baby is still fresh and creates fear within Catherine that she will be sent home to Portugal due to her lack of producing an heir. As this looms over Catherine, Charles continues to improve in character, as both a husband and leader, dispelling his wife’s concerns and putting his subjects in their place. With that weight off of her shoulders, Catherine decides to lift the veil of sadness from Whitehall with a celebration for the King as the Christmas season approaches. Surprisingly, enough employees are to willing help and Barbara appears to have no ulterior motives. The queen also seeks to make those around her happy and has brought Thom in to create a gown for her celebration. One may even be made for Jenny as another attempt to look into her heart. In spite of the miserable weather outside, it is clear that within the castle the Queen has returned.

“More Harmony in Her Bright Eye” brings with it not only a real flood, but also a flood of emotions from multiple characters. Readers will be thrilled that the queen is no longer described as frail, sickly, disliked, and unwelcome. This is such a welcome relief because, as dysfunctional a marriage as it is, Catherine and Charles do complement each other well. What will also amuse readers is that Barbara is finally not the enemy of the episode with her plotting and scheming. Only one episode remains until Whitehall ends. With festivities ahead, it appears it will end with a bang or one heck of a cliffhanger. We shall see!

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Serial Box Publishing
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ISBN 9781682100790
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Issue October 2016
Category Tweens


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