Whitehall (Season 1 Episode 10): “Our Hope Alone”

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Eleanor’s spying and duty to Lord Russell was thwarted by Jenny in the last episode and is put to an end, at least for now it seems, by the unlikeliest of characters — King Charles. As she is finally able to share her true heart, mind, and feelings with someone, albeit an unlikely audience, much is understood by both sides, and agreements are made for the safety of Eleanor’s family as well as the secret marriage that took place in the Queen’s faith. Or did it? Gossip runs rampant, and as a result of his encounter with Eleanor, Charles finally takes a royal stand to squash rumors, put people in their place, and take care of the ones he loves. Queen Catherine, finally with child, is ill as ever, and maid Jenny is one of many who take care to make sure she is healthy and comfortable. However, with Thom in her life, Jenny now has not only the Queen to worry about, but the intentions of Thom and what her future holds. Finally, while lying in the background, literally due to her being 7 months pregnant, Barbara takes in all that is happening around Whitehall and finding a curious connection to Catherine that she doesn’t know whether to embrace or keep at bay. What holds true is that Whitehall is by no means a dull place.

Episode 10 shows us a king who has the potential to wield his power and control his kingdom. Whether or not this potential will grow or be distracted by delicate skirts and the bed of his lover has yet to be seen. The pairing and obvious connection between Jenny and Queen Catherine offer a lovely tale of trust and friendship. As Jenny must address Thom and his intentions with an answer, it will be interesting to see if Jenny turns to Catherine for advice. There was a foreshadowing of this in a conversation they shared, so we shall have to wait and see. What is most frustrating thusfar is that Catherine has the potential to be a strong Queen for her King but, physically, England has not allowed this. Hopefully a break in the clouds will continue the movement started thusfar in Whitehall. What oh, oh what, will Episode 11 have in store for us? Stay tuned!

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 21 pages
Publisher Serial Box Publishing
Publish Date
ISBN 9781682100776
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Issue August 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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