Welcome Home Little Poltergeist

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Vincent Hollow has composed a poignant, touching collection of work in Welcome Home Poltergeist. Hollow’s poems explore a variety of topics and themes related to the supernatural and bereavement. He achieves significant depth and personality through succinct passages that explore death and our relationship to those on the other side. Pieces such as “Reasonable Fear” consider the sober realities of death. In confronting grave, private questions around death, Hollow encourages readers to face those same difficult questions themselves. Meanwhile, many other passages adopt a romantic, forlorn tone, suggesting a continued connection across space and time. Across the great chasm, love’s eternal flame continues to burn and will not be extinguished even in death. In these sections, Hollow descriptions are lovely, stating “I see the outlines of your face/ in delicate spiderwebs/ catching moonlight and starlight/ dripping like dew.” In other areas such as “Don’t Stop Digging,” he captures a longing to return to a previous time. Hollow achieves this end through neat passages that range from a few lines to a few pages. That being said, even with the works that extend across several pages, Hollow carries the reader swiftly and attentively through the narration. Readers will appreciate the accessibility of Hollow’s work and how with ease they can dive into any number of chapters. In just a few words, he captures such passion and sorrow. The accompanying illustrations are beautifully rendered and accent the work nicely. Simple sketches of windows, a chair, and a door complement Hollow’s work and give added life to his themes. There is a dark splendor to the black and white sketches that appear throughout the publication. Hollow’s haunting and entrancing writings along with the blackbird drawing will give readers the feel of Edgar Allen Poe’s work. But those expecting something along the lines of Poe’s murderous plots will be disappointed as Hollow’s work more closely resembles Poe’s enraptured pieces such as “Annabelle Lee.” Readers across age groups will appreciate and enjoy Hollow’s collection of poems. Both his tone and word choice make the content approachable across capabilities. Moreover, Hollow’s interpretation lends the somber topic of death a much-needed dash of light-heartedness, warmth, and regard. Welcome Home Poltergeist earns a resounding five stars for its exceptional use of language to elicit such emotion in his concise poetic works. Readers will find themselves returning time and again to this work as its content will assuredly withstand the test of time.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 234 pages
Publisher Writers Republic LLC
Publish Date 18-Apr-2020
ISBN 9781637281246
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Issue June 2021
Category Poetry & Short Stories