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Nicola is a high-priced escort working under the name of Jericho. Neglected as a child, she suffers from alexithymia, a condition in which she does not feel emotions. She has been under the care of therapists her entire life, assured that one day a trigger will allow her to experience those emotions. When Nicola is called upon to cover for one of her fellow prostitutes, she meets the mysterious Link, a client who likes to keep his identity hidden. The passion and intrigue she feels with Link is that trigger, however she becomes conflicted when she develops feelings for Sinclaire, Link’s handler. Add the death of a fellow prostitute, blackmail, and Mafioso, you have the makings of a suspenseful read.

The story has a very unique premise, however early on it becomes predictable. Coupled with the need for an editor (the book has numerous distracting errors, notably malapropism and subject/verb agreement), the execution falls flat. The big twist is obvious to the reader; however, the heroine seems obliviously ignorant to any clues given along the way. Suspension of disbelief is necessary in fiction, but the author was asking a bit much here.

Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 309 pages
Publisher Cassy Roop
Publish Date 2015-Feb-23
ISBN 9781508443360
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Issue April 2015
Category Romance


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