Vampire Boy

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Alex was born on a dark night, his very existence threatened by the most evil vampire, but he is saved by the vampires of the village in which he lives. He knows he is different from other vampires, starting with his light colored hair, but also in some other, undefined way. He’s overheard his parents talking and knows there is more to his past and his future, but he cannot get anyone to share the secret. As he begins school at Carpathian Academy with other children who are different like him, he hopes to find out while learning more about those strange human beings. His father gives him the advice to make friends with everyone he meets, so he introduces himself to everyone, vampires, gargoyles, pixies, and more. For the most part, this works, until he runs into Grimanesa, who decides he is her enemy. Working with his team, he hopes to unravel the riddle given to students each year, but if it means working with the enemy, or even her besties, he may have to find a different way to solve the puzzle. Girls are definitely not the answer!

This tale may remind readers of Hotel Transylvania, with quirky characters who fear and hate humans but whose main character, Alex, is entranced by them. References to weird things people do are food for thought when seen through outside eyes and are thoroughly humorous. The glossary at the beginning contributes to thoroughly understanding the world Cushing has created – had it been at the conclusion of the story it would have seemed like an oversight, but at the beginning, it is supremely helpful. This is a quick read, appealing to fans of the Scary School or Flunked series. The ending may seem sudden, with as many questions left hanging as answers given, but the sneak peek following the last chapter will help maintain interest in the series.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 218 pages
Publisher Grand & Archer
Publish Date 2016-10-01
ISBN 9781929730018 Buy this Book
Issue November 2016
Category Tweens


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