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Unseen is a story about a young girl named Alaia who learns to hide her interest in healing and the use of herbs so that she is not persecuted as a witch. This fate has befallen a great many women in the town of Viskaya and several others will fall prey to it as the story evolves. “If you try to fight the ocean, you’ll drown. For now, you have to let the waves carry you through the storm.” The story shows the girl’s journey and all who help her including her best friend and fallen brother and his best friend. The young girl struggles to hide the herbs that she gathers and prepares as teas for her dying father.

She knows that to successfully escape persecution she has to hide her healing teas and seek help from her childhood friend. She learns to fight in order to defend herself. “For me to murder anyone countered the very base of my existence, to heal.”

She emerges victorious as the entire town helps her fight the evil claws of the Inquisitor and his army.

The plot was intriguing and engaging and had the reader on edge waiting for the next chapter to uncover what the story holds. The characters come alive as the author describes the struggle of childhood loyalties to those to family, as Mateo helps Alaia. Alaia is torn between pursuing her love for the two young men she grew up with as a little child. The language of the book is an ode to the olden times of witch-hunting and dark magic and takes the reader back in time effortlessly. The essence of the story is captured well in the sentence: “I could trust my journey’s purpose—to slow down and recalibrate. To survive.” The story is a portrayal of all that Alaia goes through to help her dying father.

This is a great book for young teens as the story holds magic, mystery, and love. The story could evolve easily into a series as Alaia steps into adulthood and raises her family as the times change to allow for healing and medicine to be accepted by society and not considered witchcraft.

I recommend this book as an immersive experience through the trials and tribulations of a young Alaia to emerge victorious through her own grit and determination, which is fortified by loyal friends and her doting family.
This was a great story that takes the reader through the emotional and at times distressing journey of a young girl, touching on her lost love and relationships, to emerge with hope for new love and a new life. Alaia’s true heartfelt wish as she rings the bell; “I wish for all I love to make it home safe.” brings love and loyalty to help her escape the clutches of death.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 248 pages
Publisher Literary Wanderlust
Publish Date 2021-Jul-01
ISBN 0978194285682
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Issue August 2021
Category Children's


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