Unleash the Girls: The Untold Story of the Invention of the Sports Bra and How It Changed the World (And Me)

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Lisa Z. Lindahl has delivered an engrossing, influential historical account in Unleash The Girls: The Untold Story of the Invention of the Sports Bra and How It Changed the World (and Me). Her riveting work recalls the creation, evolution, and sensation that has come to be known as the modern-day athletic bra. Personal recollections and insights into her process will not only shed light on the monumental impact this piece of clothing has had on the world, but also inspire future generations of inventors to push beyond challenges, tap into their networks, and ultimately trust their instincts when it comes to bringing a new product to the market. Readers familiar with the Joy Mangano story will appreciate the similarities and differences between the two narratives. Each revolutionary product coming to the market in its own way, and yet noteworthy nonetheless. Lindahl’s story captures so many compelling themes, the most central perhaps, the sense that our actions can fill a need, for ourselves, others, and those to come. Lindahl explains, “The original Jogbra company’s slogan was ‘by women, for women’…The story of the invention of the first sports bra is very much a story of women.” But readers will need to pick up a copy to see where the story begins and how things ultimately come together. All who pick up a copy of Lindahl’s work will walk away with an air of ingenuity and determination. Readers at every stage of life will appreciate the tone and direction this work showcases. Those early in business will value the pitfalls that Lindahl openly and honestly shares. At the same time, more seasoned readers will recognize the life lessons shared between major moments, the life that occurs between the day-to-day. Although a lengthier read, young adult readers should consider exploring Lindahl’s work. Early readers, in particular, will learn volumes from the author’s insights into business and life. Unleash The Girls: The Untold Story of the Invention of the Sports Bra and How It Changed the World (and Me) is an extraordinary narrative that should be added to every bookshelf. Lindahl’s work will in time quickly become one of the preferred gifts for loved ones beginning a new adventure. Whether starting a new business venture, setting out on your own, or departing for college, Lindahl’s five-star account will provide inspiration, comfort, laughter, and community along the journey. Her words remind us of all that can be accomplished with tenacity and that ultimately, we are in great company.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 321 pages
Publisher EZL Enterprises, LLC
Publish Date 08-Sep-2019
ISBN 9781950282432
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Issue October 2021
Category Biographies & Memoirs