Twelve Days: A Novel

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Here is a mystic/martial arts-fantasy unique in its kind. The protagonist develops throughout, becoming nigh unto a superman. That is not unique in itself, but development being essentially growth in self-perception and overcoming of internal barriers is. And that his development involves constantly increasing clarity in perception of others and their motivations is engaging. A bonus is that all characters show evolution, making for unparalleled complexity. We are not only gripped by what happens next but by how characters will reveal themselves. The protagonist must examine past loyalties, personal commitments, and his own flaws.

The principal actors are people of color, and the cared-for child is on the autism spectrum. This is Steve Barnes. We should expect fighting against dominant culture sidelining. He does battle so adroitly as to avoid preaching, with fine immersion. Sexual engagement is constant and entrapping, the action, riveting. The sensory immediacy is excellent. Multiple, intertwining plot and character lines are more than intricate enough to lock in your attention.

In reviewing such a piece of art, it would be cruel to foreshadow or to spoil any of the tapestry. I will recommend Twelve Days without reservation. It’s by far the best this author has produced, of my reading. I predict that a Hugo nomination is inevitable.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Tor Books
Publish Date 2017-Jun-27
ISBN 9780765375971 Buy this Book
Issue September 2017
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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