Transfer Student: Book 1 in The Starjump Series

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Ashley is a spoiled Beverly Hills brat. She and her BFF, Tiffany, are at the observatory on a school field trip. A galaxy away on Retha, Rhoe is planning to starjump. He needs to do that to save his brother, so sick he cannot speak. No one believes Rhoe can do it, but he is going to try, no matter how dangerous it is. His best friend, Yuke, tries to talk him out or it, but Rhoe is determined. Once alone, he sets up the scope and when he looks into it, something strange happens. On Earth, Ashley, at the same moment, looks into the telescope at Griffith Observatory. Moments later, she finds herself in what turns out to be Rhoe’s body on Retha. Rhoe lands in Ashley’s body on Earth. It seems hormones exist in both places, and they have a hard, but interesting, time adjusting to their new bodies. The adventures begin for both characters and each finds himself/herself falling in love with their new body’s best friend, even though their bodies are the same sex as the friends. Yikes! Of course, the end goal for both is to get back to their own planets and body. No easy task, especially for Ashley who has no idea how she got to Retha. The two finally convince their best friends that they really aren’t who they seem to be and let the love flow. Will they get back? Do they really want to get back? And then there are some really bad guys.

Laura A. H. Elliott has written a page-turner of a Young Adult Science Fiction love story. Although the start is slow, any teen, boy or girl, who likes Sci-Fi will like this book. The love story is just a nice bonus.


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Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 212 pages
Publisher CreateSpace
Publish Date 29-Mar-2012
ISBN 9781475080957 Buy this Book
Issue August 2012
Category Young Adult


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