Tock, Tick.

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It’s 2051. Private investigator Jake Watson embarks on a one-of-a-kind mission that involves weirdly rich Lester and his beautiful daughter, Justine. At the Beaten Docket Pub in Cricklewood, Lester shares an urgent mission to retrieve a crucial item from New York City. With so many unanswered questions about the mission, Jake discovers that Lester and Justine are from the 32nd century and are armed with advanced technology and knowledge of a turbulent future. The trio are forced to confront a “crack team of assassins” from the future that’s led by the evil Sinosa Tangier.

As Jake faces the threat of death and pursues his desire for Justine, he must come to terms with Lester’s revelations about the impending destruction of the United States and global chaos. John Exe’s Tock, Tick presents a fast-paced race against time involving a fierce battle against a powerful villain and a possible end of the universe.

I was impressed by the intricacies of the sci-fi concepts in the book, including time travel and interplanetary migration. As a time travel fan, I had an exciting time following the challenges and paradoxes of time travel, such as being mindful of telling people what would happen in the future because it might disrupt the future.

The book’s protagonist is portrayed as a perceptive individual with deep observations and interesting remarks. I looked forward to seeing more of Jake’s keen first-person observations, such as when he notices the almost telepathic moments between Lester and his daughter during their conversation. These little details make the narrative feel authentic and life-like.

Politics is a major theme in the narrative, as it includes power dynamics among nations, the amalgamation of security agencies, and the emergence of a new world order. This political backdrop contributes to the story’s suspense, complete with high stakes and dire consequences.

After its first few chapters, the book fails to maintain some of its most intriguing elements, such as cordial relationships and character depth. Its focus on worldbuilding and intricate details of sci-fi concepts compromise the flow of the narrative. I wished to see more of the protagonist’s connection with his friends and how the global issues affected them.

If you enjoy sci-fi and time travel narratives, prepare to have your mind engaged by John’s intricate plot about time and space. Tock, Tick is an action-packed tale involving a friendly protagonist and a mission that gets more grandiose and suspenseful the further you go in the narrative. Despite its few limitations, you are guaranteed to experience a mentally stimulating, roller-coaster adventure.

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Author John Exe
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 151 pages
Publisher Amazon
Publish Date 18-Nov-2023
ISBN 9798868031632 Buy this Book
Issue December 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy