To Be Enlightened

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Professor Abe Levy has been looking for enlightenment since he first discovered Transcendental Meditation. As he contemplates his life and relationships, he feels the need to attend a meditation retreat in Iowa to further his goal of achieving enlightenment but his wife Sarah is not keen on the idea. She needs him around so that she can overcome her panic attacks. Luckily, before Abe makes his decision to travel, he experiences the enlightenment and cosmic consciousness he’s been seeking. But the unique feelings and sensations he’s having make him aware that his college students may notice he’s different. What would happen if they report this back to the college administration? Then unexpectedly, his sense of enlightenment disappears, and he wants to do whatever he can to experience re-enlightenment. But what happens if his wife is able to do so before he does?

It was a pleasure to read To Be Enlightened which was both clever and appealing. I love how the book’s character mentions he wants to write a novel about Vedic teachings that will be both entertaining and informative, just as the author did. The descriptions of Abe’s cosmic consciousness were terrific, as was the way the author took the Vedic principles and incorporated them into the story. The most memorable one is where Abe discovers his Self and is able to describe his multi-dimensional world, where he is watching himself and looking out at the world at the same time. The story of his relationship with Sarah and his college students was also well written. The tension he created between these different characters, mainly his unpredictable student Tom, and their difficulties made this story very engaging. The ups and downs Abe had in his relationship with Sarah were fascinating, and I loved how she was transformed within the story as well. Especially, since she was a character, I didn’t like or somehow couldn’t manage to feel a lot of empathy for, at the beginning of the story.

To my mind, this is the best kind of book. On the one hand, it’s a novel with a fun and delightful story. But it also covers the fascinating topic of Vedic thought and Transcendental Meditation that provides one with a lot to think about both during the story and afterward. I particularly appreciated how he was able to make Vedic thoughts and ideas applicable to the lives in the story but explain them in a way that all readers can understand. It was one of those books that I didn’t want to end.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 340 pages
Publisher Adelaide Books
Publish Date 2021-Mar-02
ISBN 0978195351060 Buy this Book
Issue March 2021
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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