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What happens when a boy who only wants to learn falls through the cracks of the school system? Author Robert Blevins sets out to tell the story of one such boy in his novel Timothy. At a young age, Timothy Wellington is branded with the title of “Special Ed.” For an already shy and awkward child, this label only adds to the social stigma he faces on a daily basis; Timothy faces taunts, extortion, threats, and a dreadfully lonely existence, but he is determined to beat the system and succeed despite having the odds against him.

For a fictional tale, this book reads surprisingly similar to an elaborately fabricated memoir. Many sections are vague at best; the author glosses over entire years in mere paragraphs or pages. This novel is almost absurdly short, considering the span of time covered in its pages. Other sections are laden with facts so concise as to seem conspicuous: precise descriptions of events, names of teachers, the exact brand of cereal eaten for breakfast on a given day. The author seems to favor the use of many adjectives, but this does not make up for the lack of substance in many parts of the book.

As a main character, Timothy is under-developed in some ways, but also very well rounded in others; his intelligence and determination shine throughout the book. The story is undeniably compelling, and anyone who has ever witnessed the darker side of the public school system will find vindication within these pages. Everyone loves an underdog, and many will find it refreshing to see the main character come into his own as the years progress. The rather abrupt ending will leave readers wondering what comes next for Timothy; hopefully the sequel will be forthcoming.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 153 pages
Publisher Pirate Bay Press
Publish Date 11-Mar-2011
ISBN 9780983326618
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Issue September 2011
Category Popular Fiction


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