Time and the Tree: A novel

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Time and the Tree by Roisin Sorahan is truly a masterpiece. From beginning to end, my attention was fully captivated, savoring every moment of the story’s richness. Truly a book of wisdom and peace, I felt lighter after this read having been transformed to a place of tranquility.

The story takes the reader through the seasons; summer, autumn, winter, and spring, which all bring new stories and new situations. The tale follows the growth of a young boy who lives under a magnificent tree. The Tree is symbolic of peace, light, and knowledge; all within her forest revere her. Many travel to see the Tree, to learn of her wisdom and have her counsel on their problems. The boy, having lived under the Tree for as long as he can remember, has been taught her ways since his birth. Radiating the joy of his teacher’s wisdom, he is so full of love and purity. The boy loves the Tree, and the Tree loves him. Together, they face the quests that come their way.

In summer, the boy meets a man named Time. Time is a large man, with a buttoned waistcoat, a checkered jacket, and full of unwanted opinions and anxieties to give. Time comes to the Tree with a slave whom he calls his Shadow. This creature, enslaved to Time, does his every bidding despite cruel beatings, hardships, and misery. With Time its master, the shadow never has to think for itself, only follow Time’s bidding. Although the boy is horrified by the way Time treats the Shadow, they become friends, and Time comes back to their home many times throughout the story to meet with the boy and the Tree.

Two more important visitors come to the Tree in the following seasons: the Wanderer and the Weaver. The Wanderer is a warrior woman; full of rich tales of adventure, her bravery radiates from within her and fascinates the boy. The Weaver, however, is another story. Full of darkness and riddles, she spins webs of evil and lies, trying to take down the Tree’s light and the boy’s purity. Both of these characters become crucial in the final plot; will lightness always win? Or will those who trap others in deceit find a way to drown out all light?

A fable full of thought-provoking metaphors, knowledge, and awareness of the bigger picture, this story truly is a delight. I would recommend it for all who relish beautiful literature, especially stories with a deeper meaning.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 282 pages
Publisher Adelaide Books
Publish Date 06-Sep-2021
ISBN 9781955196635
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Issue October 2021
Category Modern Literature