Thunder in Yellowstone: A Contemporary Literary Novel Kindle Edition

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Thunder in Yellowstone is a thought-provoking read by author E.B. Lee. Journalist Amber Phillips decides to make some life changes after her fiancé Jake and his K-9 companion Olive both pass away while in the line of duty. Leaving her twin sister Eva and her family back in Philadelphia, Amber takes a job working for The Gazette in the small town of Morris, Montana. She knows it will be a culture shock going from big city life to a small rural town of only population 800, but as she integrates into the life of hunters and ranch owners, she finds herself learning more than ever about wildlife, land, and water.

Lee does a thorough job of giving readers a snapshot of the complex political and personal relationships as they pertain to land ownership. Amber’s boss, Fletcher, teaches her what to do and what not to do so that she doesn’t get shot and Amber has some near misses along the way. When one of the ranch owners gets killed by a bison on his own land and a tourist staying with him gets injured, it seems like foul play. There is a bison disease called brucellosis that is causing cattle owners to be on high alert. This disease could wipe out their whole flock, not to mention, humans can also contract the disease. Amber gets to know the owner of the local diner, Abby, and the wife of the deceased man, Shelly, and these three end up forming a close friendship that develops throughout the story.

The story itself is very intricate and there are a lot of characters in the book. There were times that I forgot who was who when it came to the secondary characters. The author did such a great job of keeping the story moving, however, that this didn’t matter. I became so engaged in Amber and her story that I could not wait to see what would happen. The setting of the fictional town Morris, was a beautiful backdrop and the author’s descriptions of the wide expanse of land, bubbling streams, blue skies, and fresh air will make readers feel like they are exploring the land with Amber.

Anyone who picks up this book is in store for a great history and science lesson. From the history of Montana’s cattle communities and the laws that pertain to them to the different shapes, sizes, and colors of bacteria found in water, this book has details like no other. With its wonderful character development, beautiful scenery, and fantastic attention to detail, Thunder in Yellowstone will have its readers mesmerized and asking for more.

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Author Kristi Elizabeth
Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 620 pages
Publisher Little Brown Dog Press
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Issue January 2024
Category Popular Fiction