Those Radio Days

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Radio seems to be rarely explored as a background. It just doesn’t seem as lively a setting as, say, a television studio. This is a shame, as Those Radio Days shows. The book follows the early life of Herbie, from kindergarten to college, with all of his misadventures in between. It’s an interesting and fun little trip.

Although it has a good rhythm, this is definitely not a book for kids. The issue is not swearing or graphic violence (there is some of the former and little of the latter), but rather the frank nature of the sex; although muted in later chapters, the sex is rather explicit, and may turn away some readers due to the young age of the participants. Although it does set up Junior Ellsworth as a force in Herbie’s life, even when he is absent, it could have been done a little differently and still have been effective.

However, past that, the book is an excellent story of a young man with some interesting issues. It’s always interesting to see what makes an artist do what they do, and this is definitely that. Herbie’s twin fascinations with radio and baseball, favoring the former because of a childhood illness, make for interesting reading. With the major events given a baseball announcer’s voice backing them, and the history of his issues with his father, it makes for interesting reading. As Herbie grows older and finds his footing, it is like following a boy you want to succeed; you celebrate when he does, and cringe when he screws up. For those interested in why radio was and is a force in our lives, this is an enjoyable trip for a quiet afternoon.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 168 pages
Publish Date 18-Apr-2010
ISBN 9780557243310 Buy this Book
Issue March 2011
Category Popular Fiction


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