Thomas Wildus and The Book of Sorrows

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Join Thomas Wildus, the eponymous lead of Bergen’s Thomas Wildus & the Book of Sorrows, as this young boy begins the adventure of a lifetime. And it all starts with a mysterious bookshop, of course!

Thomas stumbled across a bookshop he’d never seen before. It is here that Thomas finally finds a real magic book. Huxley, the proprietor, loans Thomas the book, giving him several rules to follow with regard to being its custodian. In return, Thomas will donate five hours of his time every week helping in the bookstore until he’s finished with the book.

I loved this story! It was so much fun! There were a lot of snarky commentaries, like the Percy Jackson books. The whole aspect of having the inner potential for magic awakened and measured, using a book that tells of the first wizards, was pretty cool. The more a person reads, and the greater the potential, the faster the cover becomes illuminated, as in an old manuscript’s illumination.

Highly recommended!

Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count
Publisher Elandrian Press
Publish Date 2019-02-02
ISBN 9781732457805 Buy this Book
Issue Mar-19
Category Tweens


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