There’s No Ham in Hamburgers: Facts and Folklore About Our Favorite Foods

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Gratify your appetite with these delicious stories about some of our national food favorites and their international origins. Follow the hordes of Genghis Khan to learn how this militia initiated the subsequent birth and modification to the hamburger. Savor the delightful snacks developed for sports events and world-fairs such as hot dogs, fries, ice-cream cones and so much more. Read about chips, and cereals, wieners fed to royalty, the shelled peanut, and its transition to the ubiquitous staple peanut butter, chicken nuggets snacks. Learn how the veterans from world war II demanded pizza on their return to the states, and track the competition among all these mouthwatering snacks. Appreciate the haphazard fascinating histories of how these immigrants from Italy, Germany, Ireland, and other parts of the world used their ingenuity to addict the public to its product. Delightfully described and illustrated with amusing cartoon characters, this account of familiar foods engagingly combines history with the immigration story, adds lessons in nutrition, invites the reader to engage with short activities, and adds a few recipes. And its delightful puns will tickle laughs from the adolescents. Add this selection to home, school, and office; for both young and old to savor as it holds a treasure of pleasure.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Running Press Kids
Publish Date 06-Apr-2021
ISBN 9781647420147 Buy this Book
Issue April 2021
Category Cooking, Food & Wine


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