The Way To Die

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Sienna Thorn is a woman with a mission, literally. She’s a British agent with a singular focus on whatever task she’s given, and willing to do whatever it takes to compete it. Unlike another famous British agent, she doesn’t make friends or seduce her way across the continent, and her body count is probably higher. And while she may not be popular with even her own bosses, she is the go-to agent when you absolutely, positively need to get your man.

Thorn is looking for the assassin of another British agent, hoping he’ll lead to a higher-up shadowy figure in the terrorist community. Her pursuit of Anwar Araz takes her to various hot spots, from Turkey to Israel and then to Afghanistan. Car chases, gun battles, and more keep the action going, even beyond what might be expected in a blockbuster movie (though in a book you have to visualize the explosions yourself). Not only is MI-6 involved, but the entire alphabet soup of international intelligence agencies comes out to play, some rougher than others. But Thorn not only can dish it out, but she can take it with the best of them.

The Way to Die is mostly one long action scene, with the occasional pause while everyone catches up, and the action starts up again. Thorn isn’t a very likable character, but is written well enough that you might; though she wouldn’t care if you like her or not, just that you either stay out of her way or do what she wants you to do. She manipulates her way across the story, using each situation to her best advantage. Her quarry is also a manipulator, creating female suicide bombers through emotional pressure or more direct threats against family members. The speed of the story makes The Way to Die a very fast story to finish, and even with Thorn’s almost laissez-faire attitude toward everyone she meets, you’re intrigued to watch her ricochet from one crisis to the next.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 293 pages
Publisher Olympus Books
Publish Date 25-Jun-2012
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue March 2013
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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