The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy

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Moral dilemmas are rich fodder for philosophical discussion, and boy, if you’re looking for moral dilemmas, The Walking Dead is the place to go. Whether we’re talking about the comic book series or the much-lauded television adaptation, hard choices abound and the plotlines are rife with moments worthy of debate and examination.

The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy puts the adventures of Rick, Michonne, The Governor, Negan, Carol, Daryl, and more under the microscope, analyzing them not only through the lens of all the greatest minds in philosophy, but through the modern window of morality. Whether we’re discussing Rick imprisoning Negan in the comics or Carol’s transformation in the show, Daryl’s time with the Claimers or the Governor’s dubious sense of right and wrong, this is a smorgasbord of deep thinking.

Arguably the most interesting topic was the subject of Lizzie, the disturbed young lady with a walker fascination and a devastating impact on Carol, Tyreese, and her own sister. You could write a book alone on the topics discussed there, and this is only a drop in the bucket of The Walking Dead‘s morally complex universe.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Open Court
Publish Date 12-Jan-2016
ISBN 9780812699050 Buy this Book
Issue April 2016
Category Philosophy


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