The Truth About Awiti

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The Truth About Awiti by C.P. Patrick considers the ramifications of the transatlantic slave trade in a more unconventional way by grounding the historical narrative in the supernatural realm. Patrick sets forth the argument that the spirits of those tormented by the slave trade channel their fury into the hurricanes that devastate the Caribbean and Southern United States. “According to meteorological reports, most Atlantic hurricanes start to take shape when thunderstorms form along the West Coast of Africa and drift out over warm ocean waters.” The transatlantic slave trade brutalized the already established slave trade by dehumanizing its captives and declaring enslavement inheritable. Slave traders transported the enslaved people from the west coast of Africa to the Caribbean Islands and Southern United States, to service numerous plantations, particularly those producing rice, tobacco, and sugar. The Truth About Awiti captures the anger of those stolen and persecuted to death.

Chapter after chapter focuses on tales of rape, child molestation, brutal murder, and the unsympathetic torture of innocent people stolen from the shores of Africa. The book begins with Awiti’s town coming under attack from slave traders and while she escapes, she never sees her family again. Fleeing the area, Awiti travels to the Oyo Empire in Yoruba. There she meets an immortal man named Oranyan that uses love to trick Awiti into becoming an immortal and giving him her mortality. Tormented by the tragedies and disappointments in her life, Awiti vows to avenge those hurt like her by the slave trade. “’Remember,’ Awiti promises us, ‘I will make them pay. For every one of your heads placed upon poles, I will make them suffer a hundred fold’.” In addition to her meteorological attacks, Awiti also mounts individual assaults against families that made their wealth on the backs of African descendants or garnered a reputation for acting particularly severe towards slaves. Killing children, ruining marriages, and promoting materialistic destruction, Awiti enacts her revenge. A five-star literary work, The Truth About Awiti will have readers reconsidering the power of those who have gone on to great beyond and the true consequences of the transatlantic slave trade.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 318 pages
Publisher Field Order Press
Publish Date 27-Mar-2015
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Issue November 2015
Category Historical Fiction


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