The Tenth Circle

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In his tenth novel, and seventh starring super-agent Blaine McCracken, author Jon Land has crafted a well-written page-turner with a splendid mixture of modern international intrigue with historical mysteries. It all adds up to a fun, fine read.

Perhaps the two greatest unsolved cases in history are first, whatever happened to the ninety-five or so settlers of the Roanoke Colony who vanished between 1587 and 1590? Did they move in-land and blended with the native population or was it something else? Next, what of the Mary Celeste, the merchant ship which had its crew of seven disappear in 1872. The ship was undamaged, its cargo virtually intact, yet one lifeboat was missing and no clue to what happened. Was it perhaps vapors from the cargo of liquor, or again, something else? ‘Something else’ is much more fun.

The Tenth Circle, after its prologue expanding on the historical incidents mentioned above then takes us to the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz, in the present day. McCracken has been hired by Israel to destroy the facility; doing the job that Israel’s own Air Force and missiles could not do. And that’s just the start of this action-packed amusement park ride.

What is enjoyable about Land’s writing is that he takes his time with the plot. Rather than leaping from gunfight to explosion and back again, as so many lesser writers do, Land lets tension build and the reader becomes engaged in the great game of, ‘What would I do?’ Land also throws a better curveball than most Cy Young winners. It would destroy the reader’s enjoyment to give away the unexpected twist that supplies the greater part of the narrative, so one must be careful. Nonetheless, it does not give too much away to say that Roanoke and the Mary Celeste might just be connected and they might be connected through a certain spirit that informs the person who lives in our own time. Intrigued? One hopes so. You’ll enjoy this one.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 420 pages
Publisher Open Road Integrated Media
Publish Date 24-Dec-2013
ISBN 9781480414792 Buy this Book
Issue January 2014
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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