The Tapestry of Spirit

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A young boy, who has learned to live in the World of men after the death of his Mother, has been having dreams his entire life about the mysterious and mythical Mage. These dreams have decreased in frequency in recent times, but when he has the same dream two nights in a row, the boy feels compelled to see if they are trying to tell him something. So he follows the dreams and is led to an Elder, a wise guide who seems to know of the dreams and of the boy’s visions of the Mage, even though society as a whole frowns upon mentioning the Mage. When the Elder offers to guide the boy on a journey to find the Mage, to seek his own Destiny Thread within the Tapestry of Spirit, the boy has misgivings, but decides that he cannot ignore his dreams any longer. On this journey, the boy will learn many lessons and be the conduit through which several important messages are passed. As he inches closer to his Destiny Thread and living his own true Nature, the way he sees the world around him will change forever.

The Tapestry of Spirit reads like a philosophical parable of sorts. The main characters, most of which remain nameless throughout the story, are few, but each contributes to a vital part of the story and the eventual message waiting in the final chapter. Rocklin writes with a seemingly effortless grace and the words of his story will lodge themselves deep in the reader’s own spirit, bringing wisdom and comfort. Though relatively short, this is a book with timeless value, one that will surely remain with readers long after they’ve finished. If you are in need of inspiration and a spiritual uplift, don’t miss The Tapestry of Spirit.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 232 pages
Publisher Elucidare Press
Publish Date 15-Jun-2012
ISBN 9780615595696 Buy this Book
Issue December 2012
Category Popular Fiction


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