The Sweetheart Deal

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It’s been nine years since Ellen left her family’s company, Hamilton Manufacturing, and settled in as the librarian in her small town. Nine years since John Adair stole from the company and broke her heart. But now her father wants her to come back and help with a major new project—one which requires working with the same John Adair who broke her heart, now a hotshot “suit” from LA. Ellen still feels the same physical draw to John as ever, but how can she trust a liar and a thief?

John Adair hasn’t been back to small-town Pitney, California since the day he was kicked out of town. He’s not really sure why he’s returning—to prove that he made it on his own? To get revenge? Or maybe just to see the beautiful Ellen again? When Tim Hamilton came to him and proposed a deal, John took the matter to his new boss at Riesel Lang and soon found himself embroiled in a mess of strategic moves and manipulations and haunted by ghosts he thought he’d left behind nine long years ago. When everybody around you is trying to out-manipulate the others, how do you know who to trust, and who will come out standing?

I will admit I know very little of the business world or politics, but I do know a good love story, and this was it. Though most of the plot hinges around the business dealings, there is no mistaking this as anything but a love story. Financial matters and personal investment in the business just up the stakes and raise the suspense levels. Despite the ultimate predictability, I still enjoyed following all the twists and turns in the plot (although I might have gone a little crazy by the time I finally found out what exactly happened nine years before). A fast, fun read with a sweet, but intense, romance.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 323 pages
Publisher The Wild Rose Press
Publish Date 05-Jun-2015
ISBN Buy this Book
Issue OCtober 2015
Category Romance


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