The Summer List: A Novel

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Seventeen years ago, Laura abruptly ended relationships with both her best friend and her first real boyfriend, and she hasn’t looked back since…mostly. It was a hard time for her, but she’s always firmly believed she did the right thing. So why, now, is Casey suddenly contacting her, trying to give their friendship one final go? After much internal debate, Laura decides to go meet her former best friend and participate in one final summer scavenger hunt, just like the hunts the girls participated in every summer throughout high school, only this one is full of painful memories from the past, and it alludes to a powerful secret. What will Laura and Casey discover at the end?

This fantastic novel by first-time novelist Amy Mason Doan unravels slowly but gets readers hooked from the get-go. The story alternates between three time periods: the weekend over which Laura and Casey complete this final treasure hunt; the girls’ high school years; and the occasional snippet from the distant past, giving readers tantalizing glimpses into the history of Laura’s birth mother. You’ll stick with The Summer List until the very end.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Graydon House
Publish Date 2018-Jun-26
ISBN 9781525804250 Buy this Book
Issue August 2018
Category Popular Fiction


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