The Sum of Random Chance

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Cole Wilkes is an ambitious young reporter trying to make a name for himself in a small market and with a senior colleague trying to keep him down. So in his quest for “the story” that will supercharge his career, he accidentally runs into Sara. While at the local Super Mart, Cole runs into a couple of men attempting to rob the place and tries to get a scoop by videoing it. Instead, he captures the record of a small blond woman who calms the crooks with little more than her smile and attitude. Hoping this is his big break, he rushes the video to his boss and instead gets fired for failing in the assignment she gave him. His job loss leads to losing his girlfriend, who needs a boyfriend with prospects, not an unemployed failure. So, to try and earn his way back, Cole decides to use his mystery woman as his ticket.

He begins to follow Sara Mackay, trying to learn her secret, and discovers a woman with an enormous sense of empathy and maybe a secret way of dealing with people that brings out their best. But Sara isn’t interested in being front page news, yet Cole is counting on it. Their stories cross back and forth, with Cole eventually having to choose between his quest for material success or Sara’s happiness and trust in him. Sum of Random Chance is morality mystery play that makes one consider their own choices and how chance encounters might have outsized consequences for others.

Sum is based on a screenplay author Lee Chambers co-wrote with Kris Ketonen. Though it doesn’t so much read like one, it will make you think, “This would make a good movie,” and start mentally casting your favorite stars in the roles of Cole and Sara.

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Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 194 pages
Publisher MISFP Publishing
Publish Date 07-Jul-2012
ISBN 9780986494352 Buy this Book
Issue December 2012
Category Young Adult


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