The Siren Project

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Mitch and his buddies Gunter and Mouse trade in information. They are on a job securing a date from a Silicon Valley establishment. It was supposed to go down quick and easy, and no one would have even know they had been there. However, before they could even leave the building, they were apprehended. Thinking FBI, Mitch is thrown in a cell where he has a meeting with Gus Knightley, who is not FBI but works for a federal agency that is off the books. Knightley initially wants Mitch and company to find a scientist involved in a top-secret project that is causing major headaches. Saddled with Christa, who has extraordinary capabilities, Mitch expects to have no problems finishing the assignment, earning their cool two mil, then moving on. However, when their employer’s ranks are infiltrated, the group finds that espionage and possible treason are rampant among the ranks of government and military officials. Armed with Christa’s special skills, Mouse’s mad hacking talents, Mitch’s smarts, and an inside informant, the group will have to dodge danger that could threaten their lives and the nation they are inadvertently serving. This is Mission Impossible meets Die Hard dancing with Lethal Weapon while Jason Bourne watches from the sidelines. The book covers – one with searching helicopters, the other with a drone avoiding an explosion – illustrate the swift ride that starts from the first page. The soft romance builds slowly but never takes the focus away from the main conspiracy plot, providing a good side story. While there are a few grammatical errors, the pace of the story allows most readers to breeze right by. The scientific jargon is just short of complicated, but the author does well explaining unfamiliar terms and keeping the reader’s interest. It may not win awards, but it will surely entertain those who love science fiction thrillers.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 362 pages
Publisher Stephen Renneberg
Publish Date 2012-Dec-15
ISBN 9780987434722 Buy this Book
Issue March 2017
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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