The Singularity Witness

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The Singularity Witness is a fast-paced thriller with a scientific edge. Main characters Dr. Thomas Parker and Dr. Katherine Morgan lead the reader into a deep abyss where you can’t trust anyone. Dr. Richards heads a program called ANCRI in which trial participants are experimented on to determine if singularity of the brain neurons is possible. This would enable ANCRI, the government, or whoever got their hands on the procedural information to read and influence minds. Mind-mapping would allow the reading of memories and possibly the altering of memories as well. With a dangerous and powerful tool in their hands, ANCRI finds that they are very close to singularity. Dr. Parker is brought in to insert the missing piece of the puzzle. His research, put together with that of ANCRI’s, would possibly enable singularity or at least get them closer to reaching it. ANCRI desperately needs his help. Meanwhile, a senator goes missing. The FBI delves deep to find out what happened to the missing senator and if it is somehow connected to ANCRI. As Dr. Parker and Dr. Morgan work to find out the truth, things are not so clear-cut. They are suspicious about the project from the beginning, and as they are allowed into ANCRI’s labs, the ANCRI doctors are both anxious and volatile toward Parker and Morgan. Many people are killed throughout the story. People seem to drop like flies as the reader finds out who we thought was a “good guy” is actually not so good.

Involved in this book are officers from the FBI, including several who are undercover or double agents, private scientists, a senator and his wife, and doctors working for ANCRI. Everyone in this story seems to have a different agenda, and many of them have ulterior motives other than the assignment that they are given by their superiors. I found this book to be interesting both from a biological standpoint as well as from a political standpoint. Could this be something that happens in the future? If so, the number of hands in the pot would be numerous.

The story was written with a great deal of knowledge about the human brain and how it works. Anyone who enjoys the intricacies of the science of the brain would enjoy reading this. That quality, paired with movie-style action scenes, really made this book a great read. It was creative and full of realistic ideas and events. There was always someone creating havoc or defending against it. Never a dull moment. I gave this book four stars as it piqued my interest in the human brain and how powerful it is.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 440 pages
Publisher MindScape Press, Inc.
Publish Date 2018-Oct-16
ISBN 9781732504011 Buy this Book
Issue October 2018
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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