The Singularity Transfer

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The powers of the human mind are vast, their potential still being explored. Scientists seek to unlock humanity’s mysteries often by looking at the human mind. In the case of the Phoenix Consortium, their intent is strictly nefarious. They are hellbent on retrieving neural technology and will stoop to blackmail and murder to achieve their goals. Dr. Thomas Parker is a marked man, his past creeping up on him. Assassins are ransacking his home, looking for him and his new technology. Parker’s paramour, FBI Special Agent Kate Morgan, is called to investigate a charred body at Parker’s house. She is overcome with worry about Thomas’ fate. Meanwhile, Dr. Rikona Tanaka faces a life & death dilemma as she is ordered to perform a modern resurrection on another Doctor. Her own life along with her daughter hangs in the balance, as she must be successful in her endeavor. A process of cell replacement in the brain, rejuvenating dead cells holds the key to her work.

Kate receives a phone call from a mysterious figure. This figure is a cold-blooded assassin whom Kate would rather put a bullet in than engage in conversation. However, the assassin dangles Parker’s life as bait for Kate’s cooperation. Parker is a wanted man, both by the Criminal Justice System and the Federal Government. If Kate can convince Parker to continue his work, then Parker will receive a quid pro quo from the government. Parker is reluctant, being wracked with guilt over previous events involving similar experiments, betrayal, and death. He is also loath to trust Kate, their relationship having ended abruptly.

The unknown factor is that there is an ongoing war between opposite factions. Both sides want to use singularity for their own purposes, controlling the mind leads to easier manipulation of the populace. Parker wants no part in science being weaponized, but the consequences for resisting are severe, yet the price for success may just be along parallel lines. Parker is on a deadline to complete his project, as a dual one is being undertaken by the recently revived doctor. Trust is at a premium as the war edges closer and closer to home.

The Singularity Transfer hits a bullseye with its opening salvo, the action consistent throughout the book. The characters are profuse, but each offers intrigue beneath their surface. Parker and Morgan provide complexities in their roles, neither being perfect, yet they stand for the good in humanity. The antagonists, whether amoral female assassins, scheming politicians, or mad scientists, provide dark humor mixed with cringeworthy horror. Author Dan Grant has carved a niche for himself with his latest mystery, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat from start to finish.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 544 pages
Publisher MindScape Press, Inc.
Publish Date 2020-Dec-18
ISBN 0978195376491 Buy this Book
Issue January 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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