The Short Range Anti-Gravitational Force and The Hierarchichally Stratified Space-Time Geometry in 12 Dimensions

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Short Range Anti-Gravitational Force is a fascinating book describing the universe as a twelve-dimensional structure. That structure allows for a number of solutions to a wide variety of mysteries in physics. With the universe described in twelve dimensions, and then sub-divided into three strata, it allows for a variety of phenomena that current physics has a problem even describing. For example, it allows for matter and anti-matter to be in the same universe, albeit separated by a few dimensions.

It is written in a way that requires minimal physics background, making it a great read for someone who at least keeps up a little bit, maybe watching some shows on the Learning Channel. Although most of the terms are described in the context of the book, a number of them require at least some basic background in physics. This should not detract from the book, by any stretch; there are a lot of fascinating topics, and the discussions of the applications makes for some great reading. The concept has a number of interesting applications to a wide variety of issues in physics, and those applications allow for some of the natural behaviors that puzzle physicists today.

Allowing for the topics discussed, Knight keeps it conversational. Even when she goes off on a tangent for a moment, she usually comes back to the topic. Although there are some occasional issues with wandering here and there, overall it is a great book. For someone looking for a focused book, it may be lacking, as the tangents do get a little distracting, but it can be interesting to someone who is looking for a refresh on physics. Overall, Short Range Anti-Gravitational Force is a great book for anyone interested in physics.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 146 pages
Publisher Xlibris
Publish Date 09-Aug-2010
ISBN 9781453548615 Buy this Book
Issue December 2010
Category Science & Nature


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