The Shadow of War

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The Shadow of War by Stewart Binns is a sensational historical piece. Readers, who were born way after this war and WWII, will finally be able to get an insider’s view to the battle that happened in June 1914. Stewart Binn’s novel takes readers deep into the historical events of the war. The people it affected and the places it took place. Brilliantly well-written and the characters are well-developed. Readers will feel like they went back in time and are experiencing it all first hand. The battles were real, the losses were many, and suffering all around you. Men going into the unknown to fight off enemies. Rich and poor will go through the war experience alike. Death…is like a black cloud that consumes men. Never know if you will survive the war or not. The fear feels so real, readers will feel their foreheads sweat in anticipation…and shivers down their spines.

The Shadow of War by Stewart Binns captures the realism of the war and the people involved. Stewart Binns definitely knows how to bring history alive at his readers fingertips. I love history. This story was fast-paced, thrilling, and absolutely spectacular. The people who lived during this time period were fascinating. Readers will get a glimpse into those people’s lives especially the poor ones. Railroads taking away business from towns…are left struggling to keep their towns running. Education, water, and illnesses are transparent all inside this great read. It was like watching it all come live in front of one’s eyes.

I can see this book and many others by this talented writer in becoming a movie series. Not many today understand, remember, or know what it was like during this time period…until the read this fictional piece containing the historical realistic times in an entertaining book. Stewart Binns also beautifully captures the Pennine dialect of the North-East Lancashire. Dwindling resources….war…death…and much more is penned perfectly for all to enjoy. I look forward to reading more novels in the future by Stewart Binns…he writes his historical fiction in a way the allows everyone to understand and witness the war.

Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers worldwide.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 560 pages
Publisher Penguin UK
Publish Date 01-Nov-2015
ISBN 9781405915175 Buy this Book
Issue March 2016
Category Historical Fiction


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