The Royal Order of Fighting Dragons

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When danger threatens, one group is there to save the day–the Royal Order of Fighting Dragons. Formed by King Arthur when a deadly swarm of prehistoric locusts is magically summoned to terrorize the world, the Order has maintained its discreet presence over the centuries, coming together each time someone renews the summoning. Thus far, there have been nine Orders. Now the locusts are back. Can an intrepid band of children, the Tenth Order, put an end to the scourge once and for all?

I rather appreciated that, despite being part of the “chosen one” trope, Ike wasn’t an orphan. His mum was not only still in the picture but well aware of his status as a dragonrider. This was a light-hearted, fun story, so she wasn’t freaking out over the fact her eleven-year old was facing off against the giant bugs that killed her husband. Okay that was a bit odd…. I’d be freaking out if my eleven-year old was doing anything dangerous. Where’s the mama bear instinct, lady?? Anyhoo, that’s not something I see a lot, an active parent in the picture.

I did feel somewhat ambivalent toward these dragons. Dragon portrayal can be iffy with me sometimes since dragon mythology in Eurasia was my anthropology thesis, and I wrote a book that expanded that research to around the world. In the end, I really came to love them, despite not being fully what I consider “dragons.” These dragons are large, with dragon characteristics, yet they seem to be herbivores. They eat hay and grass rather than meat. My experience with dragon myths shows no completely herbivorous ones, and those that seem to be omnivores are small. Which makes sense since dragons can be seen as an amalgam of the most dangerous predators to our earliest ancestors (as can gryphons): raptors, big cats, and giant snakes or Komodo-like lizards. In the case of sea serpent dragons, add large oceanic predators like sharks and orcas.

A fast-paced read brimming with wry humor, quirky characters, magic, and–did I mention?–DRAGONS, Elish’s Royal Order of Fighting Dragons is sure to be a hit with the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crowd. Prepare for some bug-splattin’ fun times in this middle-grade fantasy adventure!

Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Vesuvian Books
Publish Date 2018-Aug-07
ISBN 9781944109547 Buy this Book
Issue October 2018
Category Tweens


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