The Roach

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The Roach, once known as the Haunt of the Horton River, sent shivers into the hearts of Iron City’s underworld, but not anymore. Reese Roberts, the once-feared vigilante, is now living in the past and at the bottom of a bottle. Shot in the back while making his last rescue, Reese now lives his life in a wheelchair. While he pities himself because he is paralyzed, he doesn’t want others to define him by his disability. Reese’s identity was stolen while he was in a coma, and a new killer is leaving messages for The Roach. With the help of the only two people who can stand him, Reese must once again save Iron City from a killer.

Bruno’s The Roach is a look into a “superhero’s struggle with the dark side of reality,” and the author demonstrates great skill in writing the sympathetic character. The Roach is not your typical superhero: he’s a self-pitying drunk recluse with no people skills. Yet, for all his flaws, one can’t help but root for The Roach. He always wants to do the right thing, as he shows his deep care and concern for people, even as he struggles to fit in society.

Bruno also excels in describing place and defining mood. The stench of dead fish along the harborside or the feel of the smooth marble of the Aurora Tower seem all too real. The Roach is a masterful blend of thriller, mystery, and dark comedy. This character-driven novel will intrigue fantasy fans, as well as those who love gritty superhero stories.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 250 pages
Publisher Aethon Books
Publish Date 2020-Dec-08
ISBN 9781949890655 Buy this Book
Issue January 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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