The Reset (Time Corrector Series Book 3)

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Nozomi had recently reconnected with her father, Vincent, and found herself entangled in complex relationships with Akane and Emika, whom she considered her mothers. Her love for both women is strong and would have a significant impact on the Reset. Meanwhile, Dr. Vincent Abajian faced a formidable adversary, as his old nemesis, Phillip Nardin, resurfaced with an international scheme to ruin his reputation and seize control of Vincent’s time-correcting powers.

Matters escalated when Phillip abducted Nozomi, using her as leverage to force Vincent to surrender his powers. However, a greater threat loomed on the horizon with the invention of Intreton, a pure source of energy that could power almost anything. This potent yet easily manipulated energy source is capable of fueling devastating weapons, posing a grave danger to humanity.

Phillip and Vincent set aside their differences upon realizing that world leaders were harnessing Intreton for destructive purposes. They went on a mission to safeguard the future of humanity. Their journey, fraught with peril and the emergence of a formidable new and unexpected villain, unfolded against a backdrop of intricate relationships, love, and the complexities of time travel.

The book weaves together multiple themes, including time travel, love, politics, intrigue, and high-stakes action—all the things that make a book exciting, giving the reader the impression that the book is a promising and entertaining read. However, while the concept of Intreton is engaging, the story’s execution falls short of its promise. The abundance of characters and lack of clear connection may prove bewildering, and the plot at times meanders, making the book a lot less enjoyable and overwhelming.

To fully appreciate the depth and complexity of the story, readers are advised to read the previous installments in the series. Without this background, the story may prove challenging to follow, compounded by a lack of clear delineation between past and present events. The characters, while intriguing, lack the depth and development necessary to fully engage the reader, and the plot’s pacing is a bit slow, lacking the anticipated excitement.

The only thing I found a bit fascinating was the concept of time travel. It’s something I’ve fantasied about in the past. The Reset by Avi Datta could be an engaging read for fans of science fiction who are willing to invest the patience required to navigate its complicated storyline. While it may not meet lofty expectations, it offers a passable diversion for those seeking a book to while away the hours.

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Author Avi Datta
Star Count 3/5
Format eBook
Page Count 437 pages
Publisher Bublish
Publish Date 01-Feb-2024
ISBN 9781647047467 Buy this Book
Issue January 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy