The Resentment

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Lauren Kaine is living an endless nightmare. It begins as she loses her grip on her husband William’s hand and he plummets to his death from a bridge. Before his death, William mentions to Lauren that she needs to give a card to people who are after him. Lauren’s world is crumbling as is her resolve. Her primary concern is taking care of her and William’s son, Mason. Mason is grieving in his own way, locked away in his room with his Anime books and cellphone. Mason is an angst-filled teenager waging his own struggle, how to come out to his family and his school crush.

Ryan Kaine is the proverbial black sheep in the family. Ryan is a recovering alcoholic who has been dry for nearly a decade. He is seeking a different career trajectory to boost his earnings and way of life. He has been studying programming in between shifts as a delivery driver and his regular attendance at AA meetings. Ryan is estranged from his brother and his brother’s family, due to a past transgression that verges on the despicable. The self-study in coding and programming is Ryan’s attempt to get closer to his brother. However, Ryan’s role as a sponsor to a fellow alcoholic threatens not only his work but also his hard-fought sobriety. While attempting to avoid the triggers to relapse, Ryan is sought out to obtain information from his brother.

Lauren possesses a glut of anger in her soul, primarily from a rough upbringing. The loss of William and tension with her adolescent son only exacerbate the anger. Lauren begins to notice a random gentleman appear in various locales, along with black cars. At first, she shrugs it off as her mind playing tricks. A phone call out of the blue renders those thoughts moot. The caller demands the card, previously mentioned by William. The caller knows nearly everything about Lauren and her son, Mason. The threat is implicit: Hand over the card or Mason will meet a similar fate as William. Lauren’s actions need to be inconspicuous, yet every move she makes is nearly blinded by her increasing rage. Control is what is needed the most.

The Resentment is an affecting novel by Author T.O. Paine. The high tension of action and drama are perpetually present throughout the book. It’s a thriller/mystery that resonates on an even deeper level as the theme of forgiveness and redemption are prominently featured. The characters are complicated, yet sympathetic; their dilemma being one no one would want to share. An excellent piece of work.

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Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 595 pages
Publisher Dark Swallow Books
Publish Date 10-Jun-2022
ISBN 9780999218372 Buy this Book
Issue May 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller