The Orionids (Kate Devana)

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Kate Devana, a formidable force in her own right, stands as the sole guardian of the lunar colony, serving as the head of security. Meanwhile, Helena and her husband Nolan spearhead the ambitious Project Phoenix, a venture that Helena holds dear to her heart. However, trouble arises in the form of Helena’s son, Dilan, who proves to be a constant source of turmoil for his mother.

Complicating matters further, the lunar colony is situated a staggering eight hours away from the nearest police station on Earth, leaving Kate as the first line of defense against criminal activities and the reckless behavior of affluent tourists. Kate, a trained Marine, shoulders the weight of her responsibilities with unwavering determination. Balancing her duties as the guardian of the lunar colony, she also finds herself entangled in familial matters, navigating her relationship with her wife, Rae, and contending with her in-laws. Just as her workload seems insurmountable, fate intervenes, granting her a valuable ally in the form of Jin. Together, they strive to maintain order and control in the face of overwhelming odds.

However, tranquility is shattered when a wedding guest is brutally stabbed by a group of anti-technology terrorists known as the Orionids. The victim, none other than Helena herself, becomes the center of speculation, with rumors swirling that she harbored secrets from the space agency. As investigations unfold, Kate finds herself ensnared in a treacherous web of betrayal, lies, and deception.

Amidst the chaos, the Darcy family emerges as prime suspects. With the Orionids orchestrating a bomb blast, Kate faces mounting pressure to apprehend these terrorists before they unleash further devastation upon the Lunar colony. Behind the scenes, a mastermind orchestrates these atrocities, cloaked in the safety of his wealth and influence.

As the plot thickens, readers are drawn into a world where characters are thrust into the narrative without sufficient backstory, leaving them yearning for a deeper connection. Supporting characters come and go, leaving a sense of transience that can be disorienting if one misses a chapter. However, amidst these shortcomings, the story’s fast-paced nature and its captivating setting on the moon, replete with cutting-edge technology, offer all the hallmarks of an enthralling science fiction tale.

While the narrative would benefit from a tighter focus on the main storyline and a reduction in the number of characters, the criminal investigations were quite interesting. Furthermore, the absence of in-depth conversations among the characters leaves room for improvement. Overall, I recommend The Orionids by Wyatt Werne to avid readers of science fiction.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 347 pages
Publisher Wyatt Werne
Publish Date 01-Sep-2023
ISBN 9798988725718 Buy this Book
Issue September 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy