The New Day

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Can a driven businessman become a spiritual person? The New Day describes the metamorphosis of Charles Curcio as he transitions from his old life as a successful business owner into a new life as a spiritual healer of physical diseases. In an age when many decry spirituality as superstition while others claim to be spiritual without a clear understanding of what it entails, Curcio’s story is informative and, at times, unsettling. It’s filled with examples of miraculous healings and an almost overwhelming impartation of beliefs about the universe, God, spiritual beings, and our purpose. It falls under the general category of the New Age Movement and includes tenets and phenomena such as Christ Consciousness, creative vibrational force, the Archimedean Principle, the Higher Self, the levels of the Astral Plane, the place of unfulfilled lower passions, the discharge and balancing of one’s Karma, Channeling, and the Etheric Body, to name a few. Curcio describes the causes of disease as stemming from unhealthy emotions and faulty thinking. He believes a loving God with unlimited grace gives everyone as many chances as they need, through reincarnation, to get it right. Curcio shares the unusual circumstances surrounding his divorce. His rationale for seeking the divorce evoked feelings of discomfort with this reviewer. Curcio proposes that his understanding of spirituality is more accurate than some traditional beliefs and doctrines, such as those found in Christianity. The spirituality embraced by Curcio is mostly not in harmony with traditional protestant and Catholic teachings about the nature of God, the nature of good and evil, the mission of Christ, the origin and nature of humanity, and redemption.

Adherents of traditional Christianity who read The New Day will likely be concerned that New Age theology contains harmful beliefs and practices mixed in with its positive components. Though very informative, it left me feeling incredulous.

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Star Count 3.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 222 pages
Publisher Delphi University Press
Publish Date 30-May-2012
ISBN 9780578105567 Buy this Book
Issue October 2012
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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