The Mystery of Rio

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In Rio de Janeiro 1913, the secretary to the president of the Republic of Brazil is found strangled, tied to a bedpost in a secret brothel known as the House of Exchanges (formerly known as the home of the Marquesa de Santos). The brothel, however, is no ordinary building; during the day, it is used as an unusual site for abortions and sterilizations run by a Polish doctor. As the case goes under investigation, leads to a treasure hunt are revealed, and the quest to uncovering the murderer becomes filled with questions and secrets.

The Mystery of Rio is engaging and exciting, and unexpected twists and turns fill each page of the story. While the plot can be difficult to follow at certain occasions—so many different actions are happening at the same time—but it is gripping nonetheless. Its content is not limited to just a detective story; it has adventure, action, and all the classic elements of a thriller. Mussa‘s action-packed tale is a true page turner that will leave readers wanting more.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Europa Editions
Publish Date 2013-Sep-03
ISBN 9781609451363 Buy this Book
Issue April 2014
Category Modern Literature


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