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Temper tantrums are typical among toddlers. Actually, they can stretch from the “terrible twos” right up to puberty and at rare times, beyond that.

In The Mommy Store, author Caroline Bryan shows what mothers are up against when children start to demand things they don’t necessarily need. I applaud how the main character is portrayed in such a diplomatic manner because kids can say the most hurtful things at times. When the little boy exclaims, “I don’t like you! I’m going to get a new Mommy!” his mom tactfully agrees and takes him to the Mommy Store to pick out a new mom. What I totally loved about this book is the subtle reminder to grown-up readers about how children will always try to stretch things if they can. Discipline is important in raising children, and this story emphasizes its necessity. If children were left to eat whatever they want, play with their toys all the time and do any hare-brained thing they chose, then they would eventually get bored and tired of it. The illustration is mediocre but does an adequate job portraying the emotions of the characters – to which readers will truly relate.

Although $13.95 seems a bit much for this short paperback, if it conveys the message to my child then it will definitely be worth it!

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher BookSurge
Publish Date 17-Oct-2009
ISBN 9781439249444 Buy this Book
Issue May 2010
Category Children's


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