The Man Who Sent the MAGI: A Religious Rosetta Stone

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Christianity has a number of interesting origins. The Man Who Sent The Magi looks at the truly Old Time Religion: the Zoroastrianism religion. Krotz explores the history of Zoroastrianism, from its origins in Zarathustra’s reform of its own religion to its spread throughout the ancient world, including a look at Zoroastrian scripture. He then compares it to Judaism and thence Christianity, and how it may have influenced by the older religion. It’s a fascinating look at why the visit of The Magi to the infant Jesus represents a passing of the torch from one religion to the next.

The Man Who Sent The Magi compares Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity, looking for their similarities more than their contrasts. Through this exploration of their common origin, insight is given into the past, and why Christianity was more a reform of Judaism, an attempt to return it to its Mosaic beginnings in order to make it more universal. This book is something those interested in the past should explore, especially if they are interested in gaining a different sense of God.

There are a few problems with the book. The editorial comments within the scriptural text make it harder to read, especially as there is no visual separation between scriptural text and the normal text of the book. Also, it tends to drag in spots due to the sheer amount of scriptural text; although the text is needed, there is the problem that it can slow reading down for a reader who is studying the text.

Otherwise, once past that, the book attempts to show that Christianity owes a debt to Zoroastrianism and encourages its exploration as a way of understanding Christianity better. It is a fascinating exploration of the past of Christianity, as told through the lens of what came before it.

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Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 274 pages
Publisher Intermedia Publishing Group
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Issue November 2011
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