The Kingdom Within

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Certainly, anyone faced with a terminal illness or the reality of imminent death begins to ponder his or her Earthly existence. In The Kingdom Within, L E Madden opens the reader’s mind to the possibilities of reflection on the meaning of life from a fresh perspective. He gives readers the true sense of what it means to be alive. The book expands on building a relationship with the spiritual power within each of us by “stilling” the mind. Apparently, we achieve this by “external awareness.” Segmentally, the book proceeds with miniature chapters. These encapsulate each new concept singularly and ultimately connect them developmentally to build the concept the author intended.

The author firmly believes that thought is connected to space and time in such a way that it flows like an electrical current, [author’s analogy]. Many of the topics discussed place us in a position to reconsider how our energies work. The book is surprisingly well documented, providing an excellent source of further reading.

Among the more troubling concepts, however, occurs under the category of reincarnation. The difficulty of accepting this belief is seated in the number and complexity of stages that are necessary to refine the soul—as it were, to a higher state of consciousness. Again, the book succeeds in superseding the reincarnation concept. Madden looks to the nature of the cosmos for answers. He claims that pure awareness is embedded in every cell; an interesting idea stilted with philosophical leanings.

Madden’s doctrine even rises above the Christian doctrine, quoting Biblical passages along the way. See The Big Picture for a fuller illustration. It appears almost at once that Madden makes a strong case for reaching within for our salvation. Indeed, Part 2 demonstrates the Plan to Eternal Awareness by way of 120 Keys [presumably unlocking the secrets of stillness.]

The book is written in a healthy, easily understandable prose style. It is literate, articulate, and ardent, driving the reader to side with the author’s views. Although it may be hard to agree with everything Madden presents, he does provide a strong argument for what he puts foreword. If anything, the reader gains a little insight into the nature of our Earthly existence.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 184 pages
Publisher iUniverse
Publish Date 03-Feb-2010
ISBN 9781450207386 Buy this Book
Issue December 2015
Category Spirituality & Inspiration


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