The Jeffersonians: The Visionary Presidencies of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe

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The election of Thomas Jefferson in 1800 was dubbed a “revolution” as the Democatic-Republicans had defeated the Federalists. Jefferson had emerged triumphant over John Adams and Aaron Burr. Jefferson urged unity in his inaugural speech, but this wasn’t in the cards, as events over the next decades would show. Thomas Jefferson would wrestle with expanding the territory of the United States. Madison found himself entangled in a second conflict with the British, and Monroe dealt with how the country could improve infrastructure. The issues of individual rights and decentralized authority loomed in the background. Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe oversaw the birth of the nation and would be tested in ensuring that it remained together.

The Jeffersonians thoughtfully examine three pivotal presidential administrations which aided in the growth and maturation of the early United States. Author Kevin R.C. Gutzman (Thomas Jefferson-Revolutionary) deftly relates the key events of each President’s term while alluding to the trouble brewing in the future(sectionalism/civil war). Gutzman’s work is an exceptional re-evaluation of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe’s reigns in office.

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Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 608 pages
Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group
Publish Date 13-Dec-2022
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Issue January 2023
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