The Jailhouse Lawyer

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I’m always up for a James Patterson novel and was really happy to receive a copy of The Jailhouse Lawyer to review. This book actually contains two books, The Jailhouse Lawyer and Power of Attorney. A few reviews I read were disappointed that there were two books and the second one was not listed on the cover, however, I found it to be a pleasant surprise. I also felt that if Patterson had extended The Jailhouse Lawyer to the four-hundred-page book that it is (in total), the story would have become very long and drawn out and would have lost the interest of the readers.

The Jailhouse Lawyer is about a woman named Martha who gets hired as a Public Defender in Alabama. She soon finds out that things work differently in this city and finds herself drowning in the evil political environment.

The Power of Attorney also stars a female attorney named Leah Randall who comes back to her hometown and finds herself unexpectedly defending an abused young woman whose guardians died in a fire.

Both stories were well written and engaging although the main characters were not very likable because they were both so stubborn and brash.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 576 pages
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
Publish Date 20-Sep-2021
ISBN 9780316276627 Buy this Book
Issue November 2021
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller