The Indignation Parade and Other Poems

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The Indignation Parade and other Poems by F.R. Foksal is a beautifully done poetry collection. Foksal explores many themes throughout his work, including isolation, disconnection, and how one feels through the passage of time. His poems take a sort of gloomy outlook on these topics, but still do a fantastic job of conveying exactly how Foksal feels.

I had a few favorite poems from this collection – the first titled, “A Shadow of a Doubt.” This poem used an exquisite metaphor, comparing the flame behind one’s eyes to a stuffed suitcase on a family vacation. Foksal elaborates by saying he cannot reach this flame, just like he cannot reach a suitcase in the backseat without letting go of the wheel and losing control. I thought this was such a clever and creative way to express how one may feel. The poem is short, and to the point, and no words are wasted in conveying the simple, but very profound message. Overall, I have to say this was my favorite poem of the collection, although, “The Words” was a close second.

In the poem titled, “The Words,” Foksal explores the topic of evil. He begins by saying that evil and all its components have been described in a barrage of ways throughout time. Authors have explored evil’s shapes, types, and facades throughout history. However, he points out that all you have to do today to see evil is to pick up a newspaper, where “the ink is black like dried blood.” I loved this poem because I think Foksal truly hit the nail on the head. Once again, his poems are short and to the point, but lack no depth or message. In a time of polarity, injustice, and upheaval in our current state of politics and world affairs, Foksal encapsulates with ease how records of evil are accessible and almost normalized. I found this poem meaningful, inventive, and one that really stood out in his collection.

Although I cannot speak for every poem in this review, I found the majority of Foksal’s poems to be very well-done and thoughtfully crafted. Admittedly, I am normally not one for pessimistic poetry, but I genuinely really enjoyed this collection. I really felt like I heard Foksal’s thoughts and feelings about the world’s often harsh reality, and I enjoyed navigating his themes through each unique poem in this collection. I think any reader who enjoys poetry or more profound reads would enjoy and really get something out of Foksal’s poetry.

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Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 84 pages
Publisher The Nonconformist Press
Publish Date 26-Oct-2022
ISBN 9788396500625 Buy this Book
Issue December 2022
Category Poetry & Short Stories